BFOT03 | Basket Ball Flooring anti Skid

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BFOT03 | Basket Ball Flooring anti Skid

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Basketball Court 


KTR Flexo Compounded Sports Structure  have been specifically designed to be used outdoors as flooring for basketball courts, Volley Ball Flooring, Skating flooring and many other sport floor surfaces. These court have locking system and they have been formulated to with stand the harshest of environments, which is evident with theses tiles being UV-stable and slip resistant when wet.

Our Basket Ball Court Outdoor features a perforated surface that allows for water, dirt and debris to easily flow through the flooring system, which aides in making these tiles non-slip, when interlocked, will create a seamless flooring surface which will provide more shock absorption for Basket Ball than standard concrete and can be easily painted or taped to create the sport floor of choice.

Our Basket Ball Court Outdoor are also backed by a 5 Years Color warranty and Life of Using 15 Years.

Material  Basket Ball Court is Constructed of the best high quality impact resistant polypropylene (extremely durable hard thermoplastic polymer) available. This ensures color fastness, durability, and chemical resistance in each and every Basket Ball Base Court tile.


  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Fine finishing
  • Effective ball response, bounce and vision quality
  • Long-lasting multi-sport flooring
  • Technically sound and internationally approved laying system.
  • Safe and injury free playing surface
  • Excellent grip in all weather conditions
  • No wear patches in heavy play areas
  • Affordable and long lasting multi-sport surface
  • Speed variation from fast to slow.
  • Safe and injury free playing surface

RECOMMENDED USAGE - Our Basket Ball Outdoor Sports Court have been designed to be the tile of choice for outdoor sport courts flooring due to their durability and ease of installation. These tiles have been used as flooring for basketball courts, Skating, badminton, volleyball courts, and many other outdoor sport courts.



Suspended Compounded sports Structure  

Environmental Protection

100 % recyclable material and smells, No adhesives or anchoring required, Open top design allows for immediate drainage during wet weather.


Easy to install, no need adhesive,


Reduce the sprain and strain in sports


Free maintenance..All Weather: No special weather be required. UV stable



Available color

 Red , Blue & Green.


Multi-purpose and colorful appearance, Versatile for multiple types of sports and activities



 BFOT0332X19 mtr.Basket ball Flooring Anti skid

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